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We take health and safety personally!

Ahoy, dear metal masters and grinding wizards!

A small but extremely important reminder: When working with our beloved MIDAS Metall®, each of you is the captain of your own protective ship!

So, have your armor ready, because as soon as you dive into the world of sparkling MIDAS Metall® magic, please remember to have your protective gear ready. A bit like superheroes preparing for their mission - only your super accessories here are an FFP3 mask, goggles and a protective suit. They'll protect your brave respiratory system and skin from any potential mischief.

But, oh la la, if you want to be true respiratory masters, get yourself a respirator with a carbon-and-dust filter - it's your VIP ticket to the health party, so to speak. Because, let's face it, who wants to miss out on the sound of happy lungs?

"Short and sweet" may sound like the title of a cabaret play, but we're here to say: even the most entertaining and innocent work banter can sometimes backfire quite unexpectedly. So remember to put on your fancy masks - they're the best way to protect your creativity without stifling your energy.
Let's dive into the shiny world of MIDAS Metall® together, with a smile, a pinch of caution and a touch of humor! After all, we don't just want to create masterpieces, we also want to make sure we stay radiantly healthy in the process.

Stay shiny and breathe fresh, your MIDAS Metall® Safety Squad.

3M full face masks 6000 series (6700S, 6800M, 6900L) and 3M filter 6098 (AXP3 NR)

(protection against particles as well as against gases and vapors)

3M half masks series 7500 set 50733 or 50734 (filter 6055 A2, 5935 P3 R)